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Welcome to Sallie Mae, the friendly advisors committed to getting your finances healthy and setting you on the path to success.
We want to help people of all ages across the Greater London area to manage their finances and to make shrewd investment decisions that will deliver profit far into the future.

What we offer:
Financial advice for young people
Helping a child or young adult learn about their personal finances is an invaluable gift. Not only will they be better prepared to save money but getting children involved in investing early on could set them up for a financially secure future.
We can help your family find financial products that are safe and secure for your child or young adult to invest.  

Business Investments

At Sallie Mae we are passionate about supporting business small, medium or large. We know first hand how challenging it is to set up a new business and the multitude of financial decisions that must be made along the way.

That is why we created a bespoke business finance strategy guaranteed to get your business financially healthy and on a path to growth. The kinds of businesses we have worked with include a leading man with a van company and carpet cleaners in Central London.


If you are running a start-up get in touch with us to find out about our special small business financing strategy for budding entrepreneurs in London.


Retirement and Pension

Planning for your retirement and choosing a pension can be stressful and daunting. We make the process easier by listening to your requirements and providing the most up to date information and advice on all aspects of planning retirement income. This includes choosing a personal or stakeholder pension and drawing up an individual savings strategy.



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